I'm Giorgio...

I have worked as a professional diver for over 25 years and want to transfer my experience to others to build a safer, more effective diving community.
I aim to provide information about risk management tailored explicitly to the diver’s needs.
I have distilled my knowledge in my recently published book “Risk Management for Diving Operations” and a specific training based on the book.
Following this website, you will have access to news and information about risk management, the best strategies for building a safe and proficient dive team, and how to keep your diving skills updated and sharp.
If you are a professional diver, I hope you will find interesting elements to be used in your daily underwater job.
If you dive for pleasure, I hope you will find some new information that is usually not readily available in traditional recreational diving training.
Mostly, I hope you will enjoy following my website, and I look forward to your questions and feedback.
Safe dives.

And This Is My New Book!

“Risk Management for Diving Operations” provides clear information on managing diving-related risks and developing safe and proficient diving plans.
The book is divided into 14 “standalone” chapters; each has a summary of its main contents at the beginning and a “lessons learned” section at the end. Analytical tools like Fault Tree Analysis will be used to identify the root causes of diving incidents. A series of appendixes complete the book. Here, the reader can find examples and templates of risk assessments that can be adapted to their specific diving situations. An analysis of the physics and mathematics behind the decompression models is also provided.
If you are diving as part of your profession or simply because you love it, this reading will make you a safer and more confident diver.