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As incredible as it may seem, we have more information about the surface of other planets than we do about what lies in the depths of the oceans. Sending a man into space is undoubtedly complex, but exploring the abyss

One physiological limitation that has always plagued divers is the one related to decompression obligations: the longer you are diving and the deeper you descend, the more inert gas will be absorbed, requiring longer and longer compression stops. To overcome

Taking the deepest dive first is the mantra that is repeated to us by practically all diving agencies. Breaking this “rule” seems to be one of the biggest taboos in diving. But is that the case? Maybe not, or at

Every time we dive, our body and mind are exposed to conditions far removed from those accustomed to which we are accustomed. As human beings, we have adapted, through millions of years of evolution, to live and work on land.